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Wednesday, June 8, 2011

My Favorites for the month of May

 I wanted to start off this favorites post with something that i have heard a lot about and did not get a chance to try till now . That would be :

Jack Black Black Tea lip balm

This product is intended for men hence the simple blue and black packaging . I am a lip product junkie. I have multiple storage containers full of different lip products and treatments, so please believe me when i tell you i am always on the search for the perfect lip balm and i am fairly certain this is it.

This product is extremely hydrating protects agents UVA/UVB damage and guard against windburn and extreme temperatures. It seems to create a shield over your lips locking in all the moister . Keeping in mind this product is geared towards men it appears matte on your lips and this is why to me its the holy grail of lip balms . I love matte lip sticks but unfortunately they dry out lips . Place a lip gloss on top no longer is the lipstick matte . I place little bit of this balm on my lips and then use my fave. matte lipstick and am able to keep my lips from drying out but still get to keep my wonderful matte lip look.

Staying on the lip products this month my go to lipstick had been

M.A.C Patisserie Lustre Lipstick

This has been my go to lipstick this month . It is the perfect nude color for me, with its slight pinkie hue it goes great with any look and dose not wash me out. It has no shimmer , also because its a Lustre's the coverage is sheer and glossy yet very build able.

Next is a newly discovered fragrance thanks to a great girl and a good friend Deb . She came to visit and was raving about this perfume , i had never herd of it before so we took a trip to Sephora and let me tell you i fell in love .

Viktor&Rolf  Flowerbomb
First time i smelled it i was taken back at how floral it was yet there was something about the base note i was drawn to i couldn't stop smelling my wrist . This is the kind of perfume that you want to wear even when no one else is around .You seem to have a secret love affair with  yourself . The bottle is another beautiful part of this perfume . keeping true to the name it is shaped like a grenade.  FlowerBomb is a blend of creamy florals resting on a warm base of patchouli and vanilla . This is hands down in my top 5 really probably  top three favorite perfumes.

Now for skin care i have rediscovered this item . It has helped to control my acne and balance out my skin .

Shea Moisture Organic Bar African Black Soap

This Soap is made from palm ash, tamarind extract, tar and plantain peel has been used in Africa for centuries to treat eczema, acne, oily skin, psoriasis, and other skin ailments. Combined with the healing and hydrating properties of Shea Butter, used daily it will balance and resolve problem skin. This little lovely can be picked up at your local target or online.

That's it for this month i hope everyone is having a great spring so far and i will see you soon.



  1. I recently ordered a black soap bar myself from a company called One Hand Washes The Other (I've been after it for a few weeks now & they finally restocked! Woohoo!)... I am excited to try it myself. I am definitely keen on trying that Jack Black lip product, as I've been hearing such good things about it lately!

  2. its a great soap , does wonders for me . I always tend to go back to it because i cant seem to find anything that works better or as fast .I love to use it a few days befor i have a special occasion . The lip balms truly are great .I was able to get two of them for $10 at sephora , beats paying $7.50 each . Let me know what you think of the soap .