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Wednesday, February 1, 2012

MUA Seminars & Classes

In December i enrolled in Boca Beauty Academy . You can say it was a head start on my new years resolution . I have always had a passion of makeup , beauty and art , i always did makeup as a hobby for friends family and myself . My closest friends and family have always pushed me to peruse a career as a MUA i just never really gave it much thought . Until this past December when thinking of ways for feather my future and take some time to work on myself .

I took a week of seminars with one of the country's best MUA Valentina Gonzalez . The week consisted of a three day boot camp in MUA  , two day air brushing course , Eye lash extensions and finished with bridal . The three day boot camp was a lot of things i already knew just from watching you tube and reading books , but having that hands on time with an experienced artist there is why i signed up. She showed us how to make it that much better , cleaner and polished .

Model : Tierra 

Then came air brush , my new found love . Previous to this i had never tried out air brush on myself nor have i done it on others . The results you get are phenomenal , you achieve that flawless glowing finish with half the amount of product . We went over taking apart your gun and how to properly maintain it as well as what you can put threw it and how . We where set up with a Temptu Pro compressor and gun , there full foundation line and blush and highlighter set . 

 Model : Jermaine
Air Brush & Cover Facial Hair
Model : Nikki
Air Brush & Navy Smoky Eye 

Eyelash extension's was something that i was unsure about until that day . The day was long and the processes was tedious . You have to have steady hands and lots of patience . You are fusing a single eyelash with a synthetic extension one by one till you build up the lash look of your client . The out come is stunning .  We learned how to properly , safely apply them and maintain them . 

  The last two days where spent on bridal makeup and we touched on hair briefly . I was surprised to learn that i really do enjoy the bridal aspect of the industry and i am quite good at it . We went over the most requested looks , trials , contracts and marketing . We combined all we learned and where put to the test in mock up interviews and trials . The picture below is my finished product .

Model : Elizabeth Ascione
Air Brush Bridal

For people who want to know if its work going to some sort of schooling or taking some in depth seminars i HIGHLY recommend it . Not only do you learn but you get to meet people just like you how are in love with this industry and what you can achieve . The things you learn will stay with you forever , you will build on them but to me more impotent are the contacts and friendships you will make with your fellow MUA's .

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