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Friday, February 15, 2013

L'Oreal Colour Riche Caresse Aqua Lip Lacquer Review

I have been testing these out for about a month now and i have to say i am in love with them . So much so that i have purchased a whole new set and added them to my kit . They are 12 shades in a full range of colors .

Knowing that L'Oreal owns YSL I figured it would only be a matter of time before they came out the there take on the Glossy Stains  . I do not own any of the YSL stains as i could not bring my self to pay $32 for one , but god knows i have have played with them every chance i get at Nordstrom's .
Plus side to YSL they smell like fruit punch where as L'Oreal has there o so familiar floral (grandmothers makeup) kind of smell . Also there nude shades are much more pigmented then the L'Oreal .

Now that the inevitable band aid of negative has been ripped off , the positive . First and for most is the price . These little gems retail anywhere from $7.99 to $9.99 and a lot of places (cvs , walgreens , ulta) will throw out a buy one get on 50% off deal . The packaging on these are super sleek and i like them much better to the Glossy stains . there small fit great in your pocket (even in shinnies) , give you the color window so you can see what color your grabbing with out having to open it . The applicator is ingenues it is a large doe foot shape but with a hollow center so when you remove the wand you have a pocket of product in the center . What does this mean ??? Less dipping into you product meaning less air and longer life span of your stain . (won't dry out in 2 weeks WOOHU)

1st application no flash
First application leave your lips with the usual lip stain feeling of numbing/plumping , keeping in mind they do not claim to be lip plumper's its just what i can closely relate the feeling to . When it drys its an almost velvet appearance . With the base layer down you can build it up to the color intensity and glossiness you desire . They leave you lips feeling super moisturized, the gloss is not stick but at the same time you feel like its not going anywhere if you lick your lips or sip on a drink . If those are reasons enough to love them they pair great with you favorite lipsticks and and the lasting power of that is unreal . The only thing that in my opinion could be better is if they came out with a clear one that you could top any lipstick with to really seal it in and give that great shine and staying power . (HOLY GRAIL GLOSS)
Stain left over after removal of first application 

Give them a shot if not for anything else there a super affordable dupe to YSL . Have fun and if you get a chance to try them leave me a pic i would love to see how you pair them and what you guys think .

Monday, February 4, 2013

Healthy Eats

Fruit and veggie smoothie with Rice protein and Omega 3 eggs

Plane Vegan Rice protein & Chocolate Whey protein .
Organic flax seeds      
 I have found my self  posting a lot on my Instagram what i am eating and also going there for inspiration on recipes and ideas . I love food , having a background in the food industry including Culinary arts diplomas , I don't think its ever something i am going to not care about or enjoy . What i can do tho is make a conscious effort to know what i do eat and if its really worth consuming . 

I know for me personally if i call it a diet and tell me self constantly what i CAN'T eat i get discouraged and give up . Instead now with social networking i think of it as trying new things and learning new recipes , tips and tricks .
 I focus on keeping things fresh and interesting so i don't get broad with me meals . I have a been loving smoothies . They help me with eating more fruits and veggies and less starch  .

Its has turned into a game for me and that's what is helped most of all . Not thinking of it as a chore but rather a game .
Raw Trail mix

Grilled chicken and tomato salad 

 I am thinking of starting a weekly post of my favorite smoothie or meal . Even feature some of your ideas and recipes .
I hope to inspire some of you to submit a recipe idea or what helps you stay in control or your eating habits . I know one of the biggest support systems for me is reading what helps others and implementing what i can into my life and everyday . 

I hope everyone's having a great week so far and i look forward to reading your comments . If you are interested in submitting something please feel free to email me your post and i will gladly post it . Be sure to link your blog if you have one .