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Monday, February 4, 2013

Healthy Eats

Fruit and veggie smoothie with Rice protein and Omega 3 eggs

Plane Vegan Rice protein & Chocolate Whey protein .
Organic flax seeds      
 I have found my self  posting a lot on my Instagram what i am eating and also going there for inspiration on recipes and ideas . I love food , having a background in the food industry including Culinary arts diplomas , I don't think its ever something i am going to not care about or enjoy . What i can do tho is make a conscious effort to know what i do eat and if its really worth consuming . 

I know for me personally if i call it a diet and tell me self constantly what i CAN'T eat i get discouraged and give up . Instead now with social networking i think of it as trying new things and learning new recipes , tips and tricks .
 I focus on keeping things fresh and interesting so i don't get broad with me meals . I have a been loving smoothies . They help me with eating more fruits and veggies and less starch  .

Its has turned into a game for me and that's what is helped most of all . Not thinking of it as a chore but rather a game .
Raw Trail mix

Grilled chicken and tomato salad 

 I am thinking of starting a weekly post of my favorite smoothie or meal . Even feature some of your ideas and recipes .
I hope to inspire some of you to submit a recipe idea or what helps you stay in control or your eating habits . I know one of the biggest support systems for me is reading what helps others and implementing what i can into my life and everyday . 

I hope everyone's having a great week so far and i look forward to reading your comments . If you are interested in submitting something please feel free to email me your post and i will gladly post it . Be sure to link your blog if you have one . 


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