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Monday, June 17, 2013

Julep Maven Unboxing June2013 My first Maven box :)

I got my first Julep Maven box and I thought I would do an video . I personally love watching these videos . Hope you enjoy it . I would love to see your box this month so be sure to leave it as a video comment on YouTube or leave me a link on this post . Hope everyone had a great fathers day .


Friday, June 14, 2013

Two Years and Going Strong!!!! (Giveaway Time)

Much like last year i am late to my own party . Its been two years since i started my blog and its great to see where its at now . I have loved writing what i am passionate about and thank you for taking the time to read it . I have launched my Youtube channel , worked on getting the Fan Page up and launched my own website . These are all things that i never anticipated doing when i first started blogging but are all defiantly because of the friendships and positive response i have gotten since .

Just like last year I am hosting a Giveaway , Its the best way i know to say thank you . This is open Internationally .

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Thursday, June 13, 2013

Google Shut's Down Google Friend Connect PLEASE READ!!!!!!!!!!!

Taken of Bloglovin website 

I came across this wonderful blog run by Laila . Her most recent post is something that hits home with a lot of the blogger community . Much to my surprise Google is doing away with Google Friend Connect (GFC) and working off Google+ . Now I have tinkered with Google+ and find it a little confusing and not exactly user friendly . 
I am writing this post more to ask you please Follow my blog with Bloglovin . I want to at the end of this still have a way of knowing who my followers are and be able to connect with you guys .

Thank you and be sure to share this with your readers and friends .


Tuesday, June 4, 2013

Melt Cosmetics Lipstick Review

If you follow me or any other makeup junkie on Instagram you are sure to have come across Lora Arellano & Dana Bomar . They are the founders of a up and coming cosmetic's company called Melt Cosmetics . There line consists of five lipsticks . All matte in a stunning range of colors .

I Purchased three out of the five . I have Summer! , Belladonna & Stupid Love . When i got the Package on Saturday I was sad to find that Stupid Love was broken off at the base and was all over the inside of the tube . I contacted there customer service and they gladly shipped out a replacement for me . (The pictures are of the three in my original purchase box) 
On to the review , the formula is ultra matte with a outrages pigmentation . They are incredibly long wearing and smell of macarons . I love the fact that they are true to color so if your looking for a true hot pink Stupid Love is it , orange cream Summer! has you covered and Belladonna is as true red as it gets . 
Now these being the first in what i am sure is going to be an outstanding line of cosmetics there are bound to be some cons . For me its really just one , when i first saw them on the site (image above) I was thinking they would be some what of a satin matte really . They seem like they would go on smooth and be easy to work with . For me that was not the case . They are exactly as described ULTRA MATTE . I found that they go on patchy and you need 3-4 applications to get an even color , Summer! being the worst of all . They are defiantly trickier to work with then a standard lipstick . I recommend first and foremost to exfoliate and use a good over night moisturizing lip balm before you try them , also put down a lip primer something to help keep your lips moisturized yet the lipstick its true ultra matte finish like Too Faced Lip Insurance and lastly use a lip brush when applying . You will get a more even coverage with out having to layer it on as much and you wont have as much of the patchy application problem . 

I do love these lipsticks for multiple reasons one being that the line was created by two of the most inspiring and talented Makeup Artist out there today , two the colors are true and not watered down , three they out last a lot of other lipsticks that claim to be long wearing , they smell like cake , there packaging is sleek and easy to store . I defiantly recommend trying them out for yourself . If you do i would love to know what you think and what your experience was . Support a great new company , I am all about variety and its refreshing to see a new kid in the lip stick box .