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Monday, August 27, 2012

To all my Fellow artist and readers

I want to say thank you .  Thank you for being an ever present inspiration and support team . I was told by a friend and great Makeup artist once that the highest complement she could receive is from a fellow artist , and that is so true . Really it carry's into any field of work , for a co-worker to tip there hat in a way , to you on your work and accomplishments is saying something . So from me to all of you i want to tip my hat and say you are all amazing in what you do .

You hear a lot in the blogger world about the trolls (Don't feed the trolls) , but its good to take the time and talk about the influence you have as a reader to each blog you read , subscribe and/or comment on . Your feed back is what keeps us going . What helps us threw the writers block and gray phases (lack of inspiration) . So be sure to let the blog owners know your thoughts on there looks , if there is something you would like to see reviewed because we love to hear from all of you .

Have a great week and thank you for taking the time to read this .


Friday, August 17, 2012

My Glam Bag August

This Months My Glam was themed Endless Summer . The Bag itself was a super cute orange mesh bag with pink stitching and zipper . Enclosed five products and surprise from the company . Keep in mind this is not a review just a first impression . 

Eclos Face Serum & Regenerative Cream . The Serum is a a super light consistency with a fresh scent . When dry is a bit tacky at first . The Cream feels very nice . Has a fresh lemon zest scent and soaks into the skin very quickly . The sizes themselves are decent i can get a good 2-3 weeks out of it . 

Demeter Roll on Perfume Oil . I received the scent Clean Skin .  I don't really care for the smell . The best way to describe it is baby powder . It being an oil i can see maybe combining it with something else . I love the size and the applicator , just wish i would have gotten a different scent.  

This is the second nail color i get from this brand  . The color is EXTREMELY neon . The swatch you see is two coats no base or top coats. Its drys almost instantly and to a satin finish . This is a full size so that's always good . I do like the color but most likely will be layering it with a crackle top coat .  

The Last item listed was a mineral loose eye shadow by a company called Salty . Its a white frost color with pink opalescent sheen . Its like Sugarpills lumi if it was pink instead of blue . It looks to be there full size but i am not 100% on that . 
Then My Glam added a little surprise this month and gave us a full size My Glam gloss . There is no name only a small sticker with a number 1 on it . It is a sheer baby pink shade with no glitter . It is slightly sticky and smells of raspberry lemon-aid . I love it . 

All in all i am very pleased with my bag this month . If you are getting My Glam i would love to see your bag this month and what your thoughts are on it . Let me know what roll on perfume you got .

Thank you for taking the time to stop by and be sure to follow if you haven't all ready done so . Have a great weekend . 


Wednesday, August 15, 2012

They need love too : M.A.C's understated lipsticks

These particular lipsticks are ones that i find myself buying over and over again. I have to keep them stoked in my kit as well as my personal stash . Yet i find i don't hear to much about them . I recommended two of them to a friend and she had never even heard of them . They are as follows:

(please excuse the not so great swatches , 
my camera wouldn't pick up the color or names right when i did it on my wrist)

Patisserie is a luster neutral pink nude with a peach undertone . Has no shimmer and finishes to me like a gloss . It is the perfect everyday lipstick . Especially for the girl on the go who can stop to check her lip color . I can put this on with out even needing a mirror . Complaments all skin tones . 

Then we have Faux a great muted mauve pink in a satin finish . Again great on all skin tones , tho the color comes accross different on each type . Fair skin its a great dusty pink , mid to dark its more of a brighter (almost) pale pink .  The versatility of this lipstick is why its a must have in my kit . 

Hot Tahiti is hands down my favorite mac lipstick . This is a fairly recent find for me (about a year) . I have repurchased this lipstick 3 times . Granted the third time was for my kit , but still within a year to pick up the same lipstick three times is saying something . This color is amazing on every one . A reddish coral with a glaze finish. Goes on super sheer yet is extremely build-able . As it wears down it leaves your lips super moisturized and with a gorges bitten look to them that is all the rage this season . It gets better , this lipstick is very grab and go friendly , meaning Its perfect for the girl on the move how doesn't always have a mirror handy . Added bonus its not a nude/neutral lipstick .

Odyssey is a stunning plum  . Unfortunately the swatch above dose not due this lipstick justice . I highly recommend heading to your nearest M.A.C and checking this one out in person . This is a frost finish but to me has no visible shimmer . What is dose have is almost like an opal affect . Reflecting a blue/pink at some points . It is a very unique color that looks the most flattering i think on mid-dark skin tones . 

Last but not least is Polished Up . This foxy brown is a luster , much like Patisserie this lippie has no shimmer and finishes like a gloss . I love this in the fall , it is perfect to transition from summer brights to a darker vampy winter look.  I would also recommend this as an alternative to patisserie if you are dark skin tone . It will deliver the same versatility in a shade to match.  

I hope you found this helpful . Be sure to let me know what your go to lip colors are in a comment or if you have a post like this one be sure to link it . Hope every one has a great rest of the week . 


Tuesday, August 14, 2012

M.A.C Marilyn Monroe Collection

M.A.C have tackled a lot of different collections from fashion designers to Disney and now movie icon Marilyn Monroe . I was skeptical about how they would deiced to package this collection . Take a look at what the collection consists of :


Eye Shadow-(limited edition)
  • How to Merry (veluxe pearl) 
  • Preferred Blond (veluxe pearl)
  • Silver Screen (veluxe pearl)
  • Showgirl (veluxe pearl)

Lipstick-(limited edition)
  • Pure Zen (creamsheen) 
  • Scarlet Ibis (matte)
  • Love Goddess (satin)
  • Charmed I'm Sure (matte)
  • Deeply Adored (matte)

Lipglass-(limited edition)
  • Phiff!
  • Little Rock

Nails-(limited edition)
  • Flaming Rose (cream)
  • Stage Red (cream)
  • Kid Orange (cream)
  • Rich Rich Rich (pearl)
  • Vintage Vamp (cream)

Beauty Powder-(limited edition)
  • Forever Marilyn (sheer highlighter)

Blush-(limited edition)
  • Legendary (satin)
  • The Perfect Cheek (matte)

Eye Khol-(permanent)
  • Smolder
  • Fascinating

Lip Liner-(permanent)
  • Beet
  • Redd
  • Cherry

  • Clear Brow Finisher (permanent)
  • False Lashes Extreme Black (permanent)
  • Penultimate Brow Marker - Natural Warm Taupe-Brown (permanent)
  • Penultimate Eye Liner - Rich Deep Carbon Black (permanent)
  • False Lashes #35 (limited edition) 

I am loving the direction Mac decided on the packaging . The colors are all slandered Marilyn , tho i wish the would have done a few more eye shadows and different finishes . What do you think , what are you looking forward to picking up and what will you pass on ? 

North American Launch Date : October 2012
International Launch Date : TBA 

Friday, August 10, 2012

Color me Violet

After much thought i have gone violet . The processes was a bit tedious and some trial and error was involved . I talked to my stylist the wonderful Sr.Will and we decided to try out Avada pure tone color . Much to my disappointment it faded unbelievably fast . Within the first 2 weeks i was pink and had only washed my hair 3 times . By the third week i was back in the chair . I have always had my eye on Pravana ChromaSilk Vivids . I talked to a few beauty gurus that have used it and all gave me the same response , Great color brand .
(Pravana Violet)  

The Color i picked was there Violet . It is a gorges blue based purple , smells like men's cologne . I used about 3/4's of a tube and no mixing is required , you use it right out of the packaging . I have dark brown hair so in order to get the brightest possible results we bleached out the the sections of hair we wanted purple . 

( Processing 

(The Mastermind ) 

The end result is Exactly what i wanted . A deep blue violet . In doors is quit muted but out doors is bright and shinny . The color does bleed , after the first night i woke up with purple finger tips . I run my hands threw my hair quit a bit so i will be rocking dark nails until it stops bleeding . I have been told that it will fade into a steel blue color so a bit of gray, blue and purple but not pink . All in all a fair trade , would rather have a gray blue then a pink . This is after one wash :

It was very over cast this day so you can see the color is muted in low lights . At this point i am VERY pleased with the results . It is exactly what i was looking for . If you are looking to color your hair a bright color check out Pravana they have a great selection and they look great . 

Wish everyone a happy weekend , if you have used or do use there hair color please be sure to leave a picture in the comment section or link your review if you have one up , i would love to see your results and or different colors .