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Friday, September 28, 2012

Movie Nite with Sephora

This is following up on the last post i did . The Sephora Movie night event was yesterday . I live about an hour away from where the event was being held so i was forced to leave straight from work . When i got there i was told to head to theater number 8 and that my print out would be taken there . When i got there i was greeted by an old women that looked like she didn't even know what a sephora's was and an elder gentlemen that work for the theater . I took my seat next to a very nice young girl and who i think was a her boyfriend . We talked for a while , mostly about the drive the collection . To my left was a little girl about 6 yrs old that was very excited for the movie . I had a feeling all three of us where on the same page with excitement lol .

At about 10 to 7 the greeter decided to walk down the isle and yell at everyone to shut off there phones . The movie started promptly at 7 with no sort of previews or intro into the upcoming releases (dvd or makeup line) . I loved the movie of course . At the end we were told that our goodie bags could be claimed as we walked out .

In all honesty it was not what i was expecting . It felt very thrown  together for a company like theres and i have a faint feeling that the event would not have been the same had i lived in NY or Cali (any major city really) . I would have thought a rep for Sephora would have been there with the new line and would have talked about them . I was really hoping to have had the chance to play around with them for a while prior to the movie . Now for the so called goodie bag , It was a tiny Sephora bag with a flyer for the line and dvd and a gift card , that's it . The card was for $5 .

All in all i am glad i went i talked to a few very nice girls but for the most part it was a waist of time . Especially when your driving an hour to get there and an hour to get home . I would have much rather hold on to my 250 points and perches the movie on Blu-ray . If you went to the even in your area please let me know how it went , I would love to hear your experience .

Have a great weekend and ill see you in my next post .


Friday, September 21, 2012

Watch Disney's Cinderella with Sephora

So while doing my weekly stroll of Sephora (online) i saw an ad for Beauty Insiders , for 250 points you get to see Cinderella in theaters on September 27 (next Thursday) . You can look up to see the theater closes to you that will be hosting the event . Along with that you get a gift bag and other goodies . Each pass is good for two entries .  If you are not a beauty insider now would be the perfect time to sign up .
If you are in the South Florida area be sure to let me know if you going i would love to meet up .

Here is a sneak peak at the upcoming collection that is to debut in a sephora near you on October 2.

Wednesday, September 12, 2012

Doctor Who : Your inner Doctor

“Always take a banana to a party, Rose: bananas are good!”
The Tenth Doctor, The Girl in the Fireplace

Hello again , I decided to do another Doctor Who post . I have found myself working backwards as i hadn't planed on making this a series . But never the less , The Tenth Doctor was played by David Tennant from 2005 - 2010 . All the pieces are pretty easy to come by , here is where i found them . 

Have fun with it and if you put this together please be sure to share a picture i would love to see it and remember  


Thursday, September 6, 2012

Doctor Who : Channel the 11th Doctor

There has been much talk about Doctor Who in my house the past month or so due to there 50th anniversary in November (this year) and the season premier that was last Saturday . I myself am new to the show . It is very inviting and keep you on your toes . The Doctor (that being his full name) doesn't die he regenerates , Changing everything about him from looks down to fashion style . That brings us to the point of this post . If you are looking to channel a little Doctor in your day to day i have a a few links you might find helpful .  

I also just realized it cant come at a better time with Halloween right around the corner. If you do put this look together please be sure to send me a picture i would love to see it . Thanks for following and if you like this sort of post and find it helpful let me know ill put a few more together . 


Wednesday, September 5, 2012

Contest Time

My 2ND favorite time of year is here Fall . To welcome it with open arms i am hosting a contest . Unlike other times this is to be held on my Facebook Fan page . Its very simple :
  • Be a fan of the page 
  • Follow the blog with either Google friend connect or Bloglovin 
  • Post your fall look on Facebook (your own work please) and tag us on the picture . 
That's it , the winner will receive a surprise gift bag with some of my favorite fall colors and must have products . 

Happy fall and be sure to enter i am looking forward to seeing all the great work . 


Blog Sale


  • Open to the US only
  • It is first come first served 
  • Payment is PAYPAL only 
  • Paypal Fee's are the responsibility of the buyer , i ask that you add 3% to your total to cover this . 
  • All Orders are to be emailed to Boldbrashbeautiful@gmail.com . Be sure to add your paypal email if that is not where you are writing me from . 
  • You have 24 hrs to pay other wise items get relisted . 
  • Shipping is as follows $3.00 for the first item .50 for each additional there after. 
  • Shipping will include delivery confirmation .
I have done my best to provide pictures and detailed descriptions . If you have any questions feel free to ask.

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Thank you again for stopping by . Be sure to check back as i will be adding to this .