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Wednesday, June 8, 2011

Mini Sigma Haul

So the moment i found out Sigma came out with a cleansing and polishing tool i had to get it . i own the Clarisonic Mia and i love it . It has done wonders for my face and i could not imagine life with out one now but as a beauty junkie i have to try things out so here it is

Keep and eye out for a full review and comparison to the Clarisonic .

 I also picked up another new item that i had my eye on there shape and dry brush roll. I love Sigma brushes they are amazing quality for an unbelievable price . So when i heard they came out with a tool that shapes your brushes as they dry and also cutting the drying time down to 4 hours , i know i had to get it . 
There will be a full review on this product as well so please be sure to check back in with us for that .

I want to thank everyone of you who take the time to read this blog . I am grateful for your support and if there are any products/items you would like to see reviewed please be sure to let me know and i will do my best to get it posted . Thanks again .



  1. ohh i want those productts:o3
    i mostly want the cleansing tool :D

  2. yea there both great tools , I am in the process of working on the reviews so keep and eye out for those with in the next few days . they are both amazing <3