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Thursday, October 20, 2011

Giorgio Armani Eyes to Kill Mascara Review

It feels like i haven't done a review in a VERY long time , so that being said i bring you a review , i know i know I'm amazing lol . In all seriousness what is amazing is this mascara . so let just jump right into it .

Giorgio Armani Eyes to Kill mascara , let me start by telling you i love mascaras i try ever  and all i can get my hands on and am always on the look out for my Holy Grail . The one to take over all others and i have to say i think i found it . This mascara promises plush, separated, voluminous lashes that will make you the envy of every girl and the guys drop to there knee's with one wink . Of course it comes at a price and for mascara its a freaking steep one $30.00 . When we shell out this kind of money for a product that by rule of thumb your tossing ever 3-4 months it hurts . So why are we even talking about this , well first impressions  i absolutely am in love with it . The packaging is a heavy metal casing , The weight of the metal really makes it feel like a weapon.  Very kickass!   The wand which is a very important i think, is superb.  One side of the brush has shorter widely gaped bristles, that are for creating volume at the base of your lashes.  On the opposed side the bristles are longer and very tightly condensed for separation and length.

The product it self as one of the best i have come across in a really long time. It delivers the plush, separated, voluminous lashes it claims to give you with out any goopy mess . It is able to do this by individually coating each lash from base to tip evenly. Another plus side is fact that i dont have to build it up or use lash primer to get results , you see the differnce with the first application . Giving you that fanned-out lash we ALL love and strive for with out the hassle of falsies . Ok that all sounds amazing but what about curl??  It holds curl all day . I experienced no flaking no smudging and i got lots of complements on my lashes .

All in all i have to give this mascara a 9 because of the price but i think more so the fact that it is not as accsesable as i would like it to be . Please dont let that discurage you from trying  it because it truly is an amazing product and i really dont think you'll be disapointed .

thanks for reading and be sure to let me know your thought on this and any other product i have reviewed or you would like to review .


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