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Friday, April 22, 2011

Review: MAC's Face & Body Foundation

I have been using this foundation for a little over three weeks now and can say that i really love it . It is the one foundation that i have found that truly dose look invisible to the naked eye . I was very sceptical about this foundation due to the fact that it is so sheer . I have tinted moisturisers that have a heavier coverage on the initial application then this foundation , but that's one of the many beauties about it . If you just need to even out your skin tone or like a med. coverage foundation this will work for you . Also for all my bronzed lovers out there , get this foundation a shade or two darker and it will give you a wonderfully bronzed/tan natural look to your face .

 Another great thing about this foundation is that it is water based so really it works well with all skin type .If you have dry to normal it will keep your skin hydrated and looking fresh . Now let say you have troublesome skin , I'm sure your using products that will help you control the oily spots the breakouts and the dry patches . Well this foundation will not work against any of that so if your T-zone is oily and your cheeks are dry and probably flaking at some points (i say this because i went threw it) it adds hydration where you need it with out over doing it where you don't .

MAC also clams that it is transfer resistant . I have combination skin and because of this i am a blotter . Some people have packs of gum everywhere i have packs of blotting sheets everywhere . When i do blot i notice quite a bit of my foundation transfers on to the sheet . Now we are not all the same so it may not happen with you this is just my case .

Now lets say thats not enough reasons to give it a try lets look at price . This foundation cost $32.50 for 120ml / 4.0 fl oz , now take nars sheer glow foundation $42.00 for 30ml 1.0 fl oz . MAC comes out to $8.13 per oz  at that price its wurth giving it a shot .
I hope you found this helpfull , whether your looking for a new summer foundation or to just try somthing new . I deffinatly recomend giving it a shot .


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