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Monday, August 15, 2011

Fallen Princesses: Disney's Princesses in Our Shoes

Why is it that as little girls we are surrounded by the idea of a prince charming , being swept away from all the horrible things in life and that we will for ever be " Happily Ever After " .  Well Dina Goldstein had the same thought . She came up with the idea for Fallen Princesses after watching three year old little girls and there obsession with Disney movies and princesses . She has done what we as people see and go threw in a daily basis and put our beloved childhood characters in the real world in our shoes . 

 (Cinderella By:Dina Goldstein)

 (Cinderella By:Dina Goldstein)

 (Snow White By:Dina Goldstein)

 (Rapunzel By:Dina Goldstein)

 (Rapunzel By:Dina Goldstein)

 (Red Riding Hood By:Dina Goldstein)

 (Sleeping Beauty By:Dina Goldstein)

 (Bell By:Dina Goldstein)

(Jasmine By:Dina Goldstein)

I know this is a Beauty Blog but i think what Dina has done here is an amazing thing . I have a love for Fairy Tales , not what Disney has put out to be a Fairy tale but the original Brothers Grimm. They are meant to teach lessons , they show you how bad it can be if things are done for the wrong reasons . It all about balance and as an adult i think we need to be sure to teach young girls as they get older that really there is no such thing as " Happily Ever After " , there will always be hard work and you will have to fight for what you want and believe in . 

Thank you for reading and please be sure to check out Dina's pages . She is an AMAZING photographer and a beautiful person . 


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